“Life is a complicated subject because there are a lot of people that appreciate it in a completely different way. In my life experience, I met with people that are suicidal. They have very bad depression. They have dealt with huge losses in their lives, earlier than most people experience lost at all. To a partial extent, mental health issues have affected me. To some degree, it makes you who you are. You shouldn’t throw out your mental issues as something that is an inconvenience to you. For me especially, it’s been something that you realize through meeting other people who are similar-minded or have similar difficulties. Mental health does not have to hold you back; it can even make you a better, stronger person. Suicide is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Your life isn’t always going to be at your worst. Once you get past that, things are going to be more consistently better. You have to find what makes you personally content and what your objectives are as a person.”

-Evan (Irvine, CA)