Frank the Comedian, OC

“The most difficult time in my life would have to be when I came close enough to ending my life that I can tell you what the barrel of my gun tastes like. I didn’t pull the trigger because my $1,000,000 life insurance policy would not be in effect for two more months, and I refused to leave my wife both brokenhearted and destitute. Fast forward to today, I am a volunteer with NAMI at the county and state level and keynote for them on depression and suicide, which is very therapeutic.

A positive message for others who are struggling would be with time and treatment things WILL get better. My favorite saying for when things get tough is ” fast forward and f**k it.” If I could give others one piece of advice, it would be, if you’re in crisis call or text the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, if you’re just struggling, call another crazy person, they will understand and they won’t “should” all over you, “You should do this, and you should do that, and have you tried fish, I had an uncle who…” Today I am most proud of my public speaking on Suicide Prevention.

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