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What is Telehealth/ Teletherapy (aka. Telepsychology/ Telemental health)

Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare services using technological modalities such as remotely interactive system in addition to traditional face-to-face method.

Teletherapy (aka Telepsychology/ Telemental health) is a subset of telehealth which involves the use of audio and visual technologies to deliver mental health services to clients from a distance. Similar to telehealth, teletherapy takes advantage of the application of telecommunications and virtual platform such as videoconferencing, emails, and wireless system as the means of healthcare provision to clients who are
met with barriers to access qualified services.

What are the Benefits of Telehealth/ Teletherapy?

A systematic review of studies in 2017 suggested that telehealth/ teletherapy reduced the cost of healthcare significantly while ensured the outcomes of the delivered care (Langarizadeh et al., 2017). A number of studies have shown that the quality of care provided via telehealth is on a par with conventional face-to-face method.

Researchers have indicated that the use of telehealth in mental health field plays a crucial role in reducing the social stigma and potential feelings of embarrassment that prevents many to seek out essential treatments. The trend of using telehealth as a means to provide healthcare has increased public access to the mental health services. Telehealth also improves client satisfaction for its flexibility and convenience.


Telehealth/ Teletherapy sessions are scheduled similar to our traditional therapy appointments. After the initial phone screening session with admin staff, our clinical team will contact you directly for intake and ongoing sessions via secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and telecommunication technology. Your session will be conducted remotely and virtually as if it is done in-person.

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