I was a coach in a high school in Arizona after having won the CIF title in California.  It was a career move that was good in that it was more affordable living, and we as a family were able to return back to my hometown and allow my mother to be with her grandchildren.  But then I had an Athletic Director who clearly had different views after believing that myself and our program had become too powerful and I for the first time experienced racism. It made me angry, resentful, and I lost trust in those that were in the same or similar type position.  It took years for me to get over this!   

My favorite saying for when things get tough is to Breathe and find a solution.  I believe that I am inside a building and all alone without a key.  How will I get out?  I will go to the door, then what?  Hit the windows, then what?  Then what is the question to keep asking, you will discover a solution.   A positive message for others struggling with what I went through is to believe in who you are and in what you do.  Do all with integrity.

If I could give one piece of advice, it would be, to take a risk that can change your life!  Change your thoughts, change your life.I  feel most proud that I took risks, I have lived my life without regret and have pursued  my passion!  I feel proud having lived in many countries and have coached people from different cultures.  I was honored to be an ambassador and to help them discover that they didn’t play for me, that we worked alongside each other and did this together. I was happy to have been asked and fortunate enough to see to completion my book, “Take Your Shot, Make Your Play!”  And I am proud of the fact that I became a Black Belt in Karate.

 Lastly, Do all with Integrity, Honor and Courage.  You will be so happy by doing it with this in mind.  

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