“Growing up in a family of full-blown addiction, divorce, and poverty, my sibling and I had a rough childhood. This led to my own depression, anger, and a lot of soul-searching. I found what worked best for me was a forced positive outlook, education, and an environment surrounded by people who professionally help people struggling with many of the things I went through. I haven’t recently gone to therapy personally; however, working with therapists, psychologists, and addiction specialists at TherapyCable has greatly improved my understanding and empathy of all who are struggling. I, unfortunately, used to believe many negative stigmas, simply because I didn’t know any better. By actually listening to people and hearing their stories, I’ve come to learn just how wrong so many of the common mental health and addiction stigmas are.

My favorite saying for when things get tough is “this is only temporary.” For those who are struggling, you are not alone; in fact, there are probably more people than you can imagine going through similar instances and have made it out the other side. See the beauty and the bright side of every situation. Stay positive and stay motivated.”

-Austin (Fullerton, CA)