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People of OC

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I Deserve to Be Happy

For more than four years, I was emotionally and mentally unstable. Although I learned valuable lessons and met amazing people in the process, my college experience was a catalyst for these negative thoughts about myself. I went through a hard transition after leaving my family for college and realizing I [...]

Put Yourself First

Amanda, Fullerton Everyday for the past 11 years, I have felt misunderstood. I was vocal about my depression (and the thoughts I had) but I previously was told that there was no way that “someone like me” could be depressed. I was the extroverted, sassy one that had the ability [...]

Imperfectly Perfect

"Over the years, I have struggled with perfectionism. Ever since I was little, I always tried to be the very best because I never wanted to let anyone down. However, when I was in high school, this addictive perfectionism took over to the point where anxiety and depression started to [...]

Embrace Your Feelings

"The greatest mental health stigma that I faced came from myself. That was the greatest barrier because when I first developed anxiety and fell into depression, my immediate thought was that I wasn't normal anymore and I started to doubt my sanity. This type of thinking likely threw me deeper [...]

Be Honest with Yourself

"Life is just really about living. Not living as in going through the notions of the day, waking up, going to class, and breathing oxygen. Living as in finding meaning in everything you do and don’t want to do. Living as in being strong enough to not allow other people [...]

Living with Trauma

“My husband had a massive anxiety attack in the middle of the night. He woke up and started talking to me, he was laughing about something then he started talking and said he couldn’t breathe. We took him to the emergency room and they did a lot of tests on [...]

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