“Prior to treatment, I was strung out and addicted to suboxone for 5 years. A friend of mine who also was in recovery called to ask if I wanted help. From there, I was able to come out to California from New Jersey for detox and treatment. I will be 16 months sober on August 14th, 2018. My favorite saying is “God, please help me” because it gives me a couple seconds to pause before I react. Local mental health resources and therapy has 100% helped me. I participated in daily AA & NA meetings; during my treatment, I was seeing a therapist on a weekly basis. I am fortunate enough to work with peers who are also therapists, and I take them aside when I need to talk about my problems and struggles and guidance.

I would tell others who are going through what I went through that there is help, there is a way out, and there is a solution to better your life. Your circumstances will get better by going to treatment and getting continued recovery in AA & NA. You can do it; you can get through it. Just hold on because on a lot of days you need to strap in and enjoy the ride. Looking back, I am most proud that my mom has got her son back and that she is able to rest and sleep well knowing I am okay. The most important thing for me is that my mom doesn’t have to wait for that phone call reporting I am dead or in prison anymore.”

-Marty (Huntington Beach, CA)