“Over the years, I have struggled with perfectionism. Ever since I was little, I always tried to be the very best because I never wanted to let anyone down. However, when I was in high school, this addictive perfectionism took over to the point where anxiety and depression started to rule my life. I felt like I could never meet anyone’s expectations because I was never going to be enough. No one was asking me of it, yet I was putting this pressure on myself. Therefore, I learned the hard lesson of what it means to be imperfect. We’re human, and that’s amazing and beautiful! I would not say I overcame perfectionism because I still struggle with it, but I have learned along the way to give myself grace. I am most proud of myself for who I am now. I am still broken and a mess at times, but I am continuing to be stronger and working to help my mental health each day. Looking back, I have completely changed for the better and I could not have done it without those who supported me and stuck by my side.

My favorite saying when times get tough is “you can.” When I was going through the darkest points of my depression, friends and family would speak this phrase over to me. Thus, any time it gets tough, I remind myself that I can. Therapy has helped me learn how to internally process so much healthier! Speaking through really difficult or mundane events in my life allowed me to help my mental health tremendously. Talking to someone else, outside of your world, with no bias, is extremely helpful – at least for me. The process of therapy helped me sort my thoughts and feelings without feeling crazy. To those struggling with mental health and eating disorders, please reach out for help. In the seasons where it was the most difficult, I felt the most lonely. All the thoughts and feelings raging in my head made me feel like I was all alone. But, that is simply not true. There are people who care about you so deeply, reach out to them, please.”

-Meagan (Irvine, CA)