Steven Groves (Fullerton, CA) 

The toughest obstacle I had to overcome so far in life has been learning to deal with anxiety and the pressure of not being enough. Coming from a foster home, I’ve always felt like I needed to do more to be appreciated, or even accepted, in society. I have learned that patience in understanding life has no set path. If you put in the work, you can achieve your goals. Always being grateful and daily affirmations help calm me down in times of distress and remind me of my goals. Practicing gratitude and patience have played a major role in easing my anxiety.

I’d like to think I have a positive outlook on life. I believe in love and kindness before all else. I believe that if everyone treated others kindly and recognized how their actions affect others, life would be more tranquil. I believe you must always do what is right and live your life passionately. I hope to continue to be an aid to those injured and sick as an MRI technician by making them as comfortable as possible. My overall goal is to work in a hospital environment one day. In terms of the legacy I want to leave, I strive to be known as a kind and caring soul.

I am happy about my life and all that comes with it. Although life may throw a million superficial or difficult issues your way, I look at every day as a blessing. No one knows what’s going to happen. We could get our dream job, meet an old friend, or even all in love. Love and support for and from those close to me, as well as the possibilities of tomorrow, are what keep me happy.