JJ Medrano (Brea, CA)

“I got lost in the college lifestyle that turned me into an alcoholic and fell into poor habits such as sleeping in for hours during the day. Most of the time, I felt unproductive and unmotivated. This type of lifestyle had taken a toll on my physical and mental health. I realized that I became a slave to my own pleasures. Until I decided that enough was enough and wanted to get better. I started practicing delayed gratification; it means saying no to what I want in the instant excitement in exchange for a greater benefit or reward.

So I quit drinking and limited my nap time to only fifteen to thirty minutes. I slept before midnight and woke up early to complete some tasks that needed to be done. I also cut out a lot of my time watching content on social media and browsing through posts mindlessly. Gradually, I was able to resist many unhealthy and impulsive behaviors as I focused on achieving greater and more valuable goals for myself. I also started working out which helped me get physically stronger and significantly improve my mental wellbeing.  

Since I have a high interest in the fitness community, I wanted to create my own fitness content. I started posting on TikTok and Instagram and I am grateful for having a small audience that looks up to me for fitness advice in the gym. It’s not easy to open up about struggles as a male in society. Many guys that I know, myself included, tend to bottle up our feelings and relieve stress through alcohol. For that, everyone should have a support system. I’m really thankful to have my family and friends.

I am currently in my final semester at California State University, Fullerton and will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. I’m in the best shape that I have ever been today. I’ve become more involved on campus and started mentoring more of the first-year students. My advice is that life is all about finding who you are and finding things that hold you back and eliminating them.”