Helping plan for effective mental health treatment

The Kaufman Short Neuropsychological Assessment Procedure (KSNAP) for Cognitive Functioning is a test used for adolescents and adults ranging from 11 to 85 years of age. This particular test yields three subtest scores and two composite scores in addition to a descriptive category for mental status. It can help us determine if someone has adrug and alcohol abuseproblem.

This test is divided into attention-orientation, which is mental status; simple memory and perceptual skills, which is number recall and Gestalt closure; and complex intellectual functioning and planning ability, known as four-letter words. Performance can be interpreted using normative scores that are age-based. An 8-point impairment index can be used to identify those who may require additional diagnostic testing.

The KSNAP is convenient because it provides a cognitive evaluation that is short, but it can also be used for a more thorough and comprehensive intellectual or neuropsychological assessment. Psychological screening plays an important role in effective mental health treatment because a client cannot have an effective treatment plan if the diagnosis is not known and the symptoms are not understood.

We also use the KSNAP to get a better understanding of clients in our various rehab programs, so we can see the whole picture and make sure we are accurately addressing all of the client’s needs. Contact South Coast Counseling to learn more about our rehab services and our psychological testing availability. We help clients of all ages overcome obstacles ranging from drug and alcohol abuse to depression, anxiety and other diagnoses.