On track for successful rehab

The Symptom Checklist-90-R (SCL-90-R) for helping to diagnose depression, anxiety and OCD is another form of psychological testing we use here at South Coast Counseling. The SCL-90-R can effectively be used with clients who are 13 and older. Consisting of 90 items, it takes about 15 minutes to administer. Written on a sixth grade reading level, there are multiple ways to administer this screen. It can be done by CD, computer or online administration or by paper and pencil. This test is used for adolescent and adult screens.

It is a very flexible test and can be used for clients in substance abuse rehab, dual diagnosis rehab and alcohol addiction treatment.

The SCL-90-R is used by psychiatrists, psychologists and medical and mental health professionals in educational, medical and mental health settings. It is sometimes used as the initial evaluation of a client to provide symptom assessment. While it can be completed quickly, the test can measure 9 primary symptom dimensions and can provide an accurate overview of a patient’s symptoms and their severity. As many as 5 previous administrations of the test on the client can be accessed, providing a detailed progress report that helps the clinician see if the treatment is providing the desired results.

This test can effectively be used in a variety of rehab settings to ensure that the client’s mental health treatment plan is progressing as desired and to check if any adjustments need to be made in the approach.

It can also help assess for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Contact South Coast Counseling to learn more about our testing and treatment options.