Ensuring effective mental health treatment plans

Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventory – III (MCMI-III) for Personality Disorders and Clinical Disorder is a form of psychological testing available here at South Coast Counseling. Consisting of 175 true-false questions, this test provides a measure of 24 personality disorders and clinical syndromes for adults who are undergoing psychiatric or psychological assessment and treatment.

While this test is specifically designed to treat Axis I and Axis II disorders, it helps clinicians effectively provide psychiatric diagnosis so they can develop an effective treatment plan that considers the patient’s personality style and coping pattern. Using this, treatment is then based on the client’s overall personality pattern.

In order for us to effectively treat patients in ourrehab program, we must be able to accurately assess the needs and diagnose the disorder. Often, we find co-occurring disorders or the client has a dual diagnosis. By doing a complete and thorough assessment, we can ensure the client is getting the personalized treatment plan that he or she deserves. With that focus, we are much more likely to see the desired results during the mental health treatment program.

If you or a family member is struggling with the reality of substance abuse, alcohol abuse or some kind of mental health disorder, we can provide you the help you need today. Contact us to learn about our assessments and psychological testing so we can come up with a custom catered treatment plan. Working together, we can help you overcome the obstacles you are facing so you can regain control of your life.