Effective mental health treatment for those suffering from trauma

The Trauma Symptom Inventory -2 (TSI-2) identifies the symptoms of many disorders, including self-disturbance, PTSD, externalization and somatization that is the result of trauma. Compared to other tests used to measure the symptoms of post-traumatic disorders, the TSI-2 is unique. It is a multi-scale instrument that includes 10 scales of the various forms of clinical psychopathology in relation to a past history of psychological trauma. To assess the attitude of the test-taker, there are three different validity scales.

Research has proven that the TSI-2 is effective in assessing the needs of the client and can help uncover the depth of the emotional scars that resulted from the traumatic event. Those who have experienced a traumatic event can benefit from mental health treatment programs. Here at South Coast Counseling, we try to create a personalized treatment program that directly focuses on the needs of the individual. We understand different people may require differing kinds of therapy or other treatment options.

Our programs also include treatment for dual diagnosisofco-occurring disorders, such as alcohol abuse and PTSD. We work with you to help you attain your goals and overcome the various obstacles you may be facing as a result of your traumatic experience. Regardless of whether you served in the military or experienced trauma as a civilian, we can help you with a solution that will encourage you to regain control of your life.