Helping develop a mental health treatment plan

The Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale (TABS) is used to identify beliefs about oneself and others related to trauma. Used by clinicians, educators and researchers, it can assess the long-term impact of trauma and enable clinicians to design effective mental health treatmentplan focusing on the needs of the individual. The TABS can be used on clients ages 9 and older and on those who have experienced any kind of traumatic event in their life.

This assessment emphasizes the five needs that are impacted from a traumatic experience. Those five needs include trust, safety, intimacy, esteem and control. The test produces 10 scale scores in regards to “beliefs about others” and “beliefs about self”. A total score that combines those 10 scale scores is also provided. Each items is rated by the client on a 6-point scale. Trauma can have a variety of effects, such as one’s view of self, coping styles, defenses, worldview, and their psychological needs and more, it is imperative to fully assess the situation and uncover the true needs of the client.

The TABS is effective in assessing PTSD clients, trauma survivors and those who are experiencing other psychological issues. Here at South Coast Counseling, we conduct testing to help derive effective mental health treatment plan, uncover hidden needs and make formal diagnoses. We work to see that all clients get the personalized treatment their needs require. Working together, we can ensure rehab is successful.