Psychological testing to provide effective rehab solutions

The Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI) is a screen for non-verbal, verbal and general cognitive ability. This particular screen is used for intellectual ability. This particular screen is used in educational, clinical and research settings to measure cognitive ability and plays an important part in a person’s mental health treatment. It offers significant clinical efficiency and utility. The screen can let the clinician know if an in-depth intellectual assessment is warranted for the individual.

The WASI allows flexible administration options and has four sub-tests, including vocabulary, similarities, block design and matrix reasoning. The test is effective in determining a student’s academic needs and strengths based on ability-achievement discrepancy analysis. This screen is effective in helping to determine if a student needs a specialized class setting so their individual learning requirements can be properly addressed.

Other advantages to the screen are that it is easy to administer and scoring is done manually. In addition to helping with academic placement, the WASI can assist in mental health treatment programs, so it can be determined if the client needs additional testing in order to have their needs properly met during the rehab program. South Coast Counseling offers a variety of psychological testing and cognitive screening options.

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